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Directive from Russell J. Gibson DVM


To whom it may concern: 

Gibson Animal Clinic is dedicated to the enriching of the human-animal bond, especially when it comes to our patients and clients. Hurricane Michael has the potential to create major problems in our area. We want to help as many people and pets as we can. However, we have rules to follow. These rules are in place for the protection of not only your animal, but every other animal that comes through this clinic. If you leave your animals with us, you must abide by our rules. 

1. All animals must be current with their vaccination status per our specifications. Legitimate, written documentation must be provided that vaccine status is up to date and was performed by a licensed veterinarian. We will not take someone's word for it. Unvaccinated animals or animals without proof of vaccination can have their vaccines updated on arrival at the owner's expense and be admitted. 

2. All admitted animals must be clean and free of external parasites at admission. If in our discretion, we decide that an animal needs to be treated and/or bathed for cleanliness and/or external parasite control, necessary action will be taken at the owner's expense. 

3. If while under our care an animal exhibits symptoms of illness and/or injury, treatment will be initiated at the owner's expense. During these trying times it may be difficult to contact an owner and we are not going to wait to begin treatment while an animal suffers and/or spreads disease through the clinic. Reasonable efforts will always be made to keep owners updated on the status of their animals. 

4. If an animal is dropped off during the day then picked back up before the end of the business day and no procedures are performed other than providing a place to stay, day boarding charges will apply. 

5. Evacuation is very stressful and outcomes are uncertain. We will strive to handle your pets and our business together in a professional and courteous manner. At times we can be come overwhelmed with panic stricken people who are out of their comfort zone. We ask that you return the favor and be patient with us. 

6. We love you and want to help. However, if you cannot abide by our rules or are offended by them, we ask that you take your business elsewhere. We need to spend our time with willing participants. No offense intended. 

Russell J. Gibson DVM