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Is your best friend protected?

There is Nothing Heartwarming about Heartworms

Too often I diagnose very nice dogs with heartworms and unfortunately some are not likely to fare well. This also happens to be one of the most heartbreaking situations I have to deal with as a veterinarian. Did you know that heartworms can be entirely prevented through the use of heartworm preventive medications? Is your dog on heartworm prevention? Avoid the heartbreak, protect your dog today. - Russell J. Gibson DVM

Rattlesnake Vaccine

One of the most heartbreaking situations I have to deal with as a veterinarian is to see a perfectly healthy dog bitten by a venomous snake and know that the only thing I can do to prevent this poor animal from dying a horrible death is euthanasia. Snakebite antivenin is very expensive and often ineffective. I just want you to know that there is a vaccine available to dog owners than lessens the severity of a snakebite. I cannot guarantee that it will save your dog if bitten, but then again there is a possibility it will. The rattlesnake vaccine is a two shot series, given three weeks apart with a yearly booster. I recommend all outdoor dogs be vaccinated. I love my dogs and I make it a point to keep their rattlesnake vaccine up to date. You should do the same for yours! -Russell J. Gibson DVM